History of the Union (Indy)

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The Contents noted below, which come straight off the top of the moderators' heads, will lead to a colossally long and turgid article. We suggest a maximum length of 1,000 words. Cut and condense mercilessly!

Reasons for[edit]

Poor harvest 1690s[edit]

Darien expedition[edit]

England's concern over Catholic threat[edit]


Did much happen?[edit]


James moves his court to London[edit]

James writes in English[edit]

Enlightenment philosopers adopt English[edit]

No Scots Bible[edit]

Early British Empire[edit]

1715, 1745[edit]

Scottish participation[edit]

French Revolution - effect on the Union?[edit]

Nineteenth century[edit]

Scottish participation[edit]

Highland Clearances[edit]

Potato famine[edit]

Population growth - england absorbs all Scottish increase[edit]


World War I[edit]

Scottish participation, and higher death-rate[edit]

Compare social conditions, esp. housing, England vs. Scotland[edit]

World War II - scottish participation, and higher death-rate[edit]

Collapse of Empire[edit]

Loss of heavy industry[edit]


Devolution 1997[edit]

Demise of Labour Party[edit]